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Goofy Crimes at Disney Parks


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Goofy Crimes: Man Arrested in Disneyland Freakout
Glenn Horlacher Mug Shot

Glenn Horlacher Mug Shot 2012

Anaheim (Calif.) Police Department
Disneyland wasn't the Happiest Place on Earth for this man.

In a video that quickly went viral, 53-year-old Glenn Horlacher is seen freaking out at the entrance to the Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, Calif.

In the video, Horlacher is seen acting belligerently and getting a face full of what appears to be pepper spray for his efforts.

But his day doesn't get any better from there. In fact, it gets a lot worse.

When Horlacher gets up, he gets sprayed again -- then tries to take a swing at the security guard and misses.

After multiple sprayings, Horlacher ends up subdued by passers-by until the rest of the Mickey Mouse security force arrives.

He was arrested and charged with battery and assault, according to LAist.

There's no word on what led to the freakout, but I suspect that maybe he saw some of the prices.

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