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Bad Teachers: Weird Education Crimes of 2011


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Bad Teacher: Police Say Substitute Urinated in Front of Class
Coleman Eaton Jr. Mug Shot

Coleman Eaton Jr. Mug Shot 2011

Clayton County (Georgia) Jail
When you've gotta go, you've gotta go -- but try not to do it in front of the kids.

Police say Coleman Eaton Jr., a 60-year-old-substitute teacher in Georgia, whipped his out in class -- exposing himself to his fourth-grade students as he urinated into a trash can.

For the record, he did it in the back of the class and told the kids not to turn around and look while he went -- but you know kids.

As any substitute teacher will tell you, they just don't listen.

"A couple of students turned around and observed him using the restroom in the garbage can," Riverdale police Major Greg Barney told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "One of the students went to the office after that and made the complaint."

Police say Eaton has not admitting to the in-class pee break... but said they have "evidence" in the form of a urine-filled trash can.


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