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Bad Teachers: Weird Education Crimes of 2011


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Biology Teacher Accused of Sexy Lesson
April St. John Alexander Mug Shot

April St. John Alexander Mug Shot 2011

Irving (Texas) Police Department
Hot for teacher? How about hot for students!

Texas went going through a regular student-teacher sex wave in 2011, with at least four teachers arrested and accused of having sex with students -- including three female teacher and one male.

Pictured here is April St. John Alexander, a 26-year-old former Irving high school biology teacher.

Yes, biology -- sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

In any case, police say a former student claims he had sex with Alexander at least two dozen times in the fall of 2009, when he was 16.

Police say the boy said they had sex at school and in the teacher's car, according to myfoxdfw.com.

She resigned last fall, and was arrested last week.

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