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Bad Teachers: Weird Education Crimes of 2011


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Gang Bang Teacher: Cops Say She Had Sex With Five Students & Filmed It
Brittni Colleps Mug Shot 2011

Brittni Colleps Mug Shot 2011

Arlington (Texas) Police
It's like something out of a porn movie -- police say a Texas teacher had sex with five students at once and let them film the filthy act.

Kennedale High School English teacher/basketball coach Brittni Colleps was accused of doing the deed with the students at her Arlington home during April and May while her serviceman husband was away on duty.

What's more, she reportedly allowed the whole thing to be filmed on cellphone cameras.

The 27-year-old is a married mother of three... and her husband is sticking by here:

"I hope you will not pass judgment on her because you don't have all the facts or details according to this situation," Christopher Colleps said, according to myfoxdfw.com.

"I want you to know I love my wife. I have loved my wife since I laid eyes on her 11 years ago. I have always supported my wife and will continue to support her through this entire ordeal."

All of the students were 18 at the time, but it's still against the law in Texas.

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