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The Week in Weird

The Week's Best Weird News Stories


Snakes on a Plane!

Samuel L. Jackson at the premiere for "Snakes on a Plane."

Photo © David Livingston/Gannet Images
Updated January 25, 2008

Does life imitate art, or just bad horror films?

We're left asking that question this week after another outbreak of snakes on a plane, only on this real-life flight, there was no Samuel L. Jackson to play hero.

Other Horror Stories: A one-legged man from Ohio attacked a female relative with his crutch. Meanwhile, a 24-year-old from Washington pleaded guilty to stealing 93 pound of ladies underwear (precisely 1,613 bras and panties) from laundry rooms, while a Chilean man woke up in a coffin during his own wake.

Obama Sitting Pretty: In the beauty pageant otherwise known as the presidential elections, single women admitted in a poll that Barack Obama is the candidate they'd most want to see naked -- and Ron Paul the candidate they'd like to see least.

Vanity and Sexuality: In the world of plastic surgery, we find that breast implants for man are expanding like Pam Anderson's bra size. And the Chinese don't like talking about sex (but sure like having it).

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