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Dumb Crime Du Jour

A Daily Look at Criminal Incompetence


Aug. 20: Natives Must Be Restless

A Florida man threatens customers at a SCUBA shop with spear gun.

Aug. 21: Ashes-to-Stolen-Ashes

Tokyo police are on the trail of a thief who has swiped at least 20 urns, many carrying the cremated remains of women. One of the families who've reported a loss say they found a note that read, "I have it."

Aug. 22: Book Scofflaw Booked

Heidi Dalibor
Grafton Police Department
A 20-year-old Wisconsin woman was handcuffed and arrested for failing to pay her library fines.

Aug. 23: Nude Photo Buff

A British homeowner confronted a naked burglar rifling through his belongings. The intruder ran out with a picture frame. A police officer told Metro: "Despite the early hour, there is a good chance anyone in the area would have noticed a naked man in the streets."

Aug. 24: Condom Thief

Safe sex involves using condoms, not stealing them.

Aug. 25: Head Over Heels

A burglar is found hanging upside down after getting his foot stuck in the window in which he tried breaking into the house he was trying to rob.

Aug. 26: Two Cents for Sex

A Florida man is behind bars after allegedly offering an undercover cop who was posing as a prostitute two cents to have sex with him.

Aug. 27: Too Poor to Rob

A Brazilian woman says would-be car thieves left money after realizing how poor she was.

Aug. 28: These Thieves Take the Cake

Instead of grabbing a bag of money, Malaysion robbers got confused after a shootout with police and ran off with a bag of mooncakes.

Aug. 29: 'Thug Presley' Pleads Guilty

Kristopher Presley -- a distant cousin of Elvis Presley and an aspiring hip-hop artist -- has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He'll be singing "Jailhouse Rock" at the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada.

Aug. 30: Unrequited Boyfriend Gone Wild

Tampa authorities say a machete-weilding 20-year-old man went on a rampage after his girlfriend refused to have sex with him.

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