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Dumb Crime Du Jour - Weird Crime News

A Look at the Day's Strangest Crimes


Most criminals are just not-so-bright people on what is likely to become the worst day of their life. Here's a rundown of your daily loser for May, 2008.

May 31: Police Hunt for Thong Robbers

Colorado police are searching tow two robbers who wore stylish underwear over their heads while robbing a convenience store. Bonus: Surveillance camera pictures! (Link no longer available)

May 30: Hedgehog Attack

A New Zealand man was fined for throwing a prickly-backed hedgehog at a teen, causing a large welt and several puncture marks in his leg.

May 29: Cops and Robbers Raid Same House

Australian burglars jimmied the lock on a house in Melbourne just as police entered to seize hydroponic cannabis.

May 28: Moon Pie Attack

Kansas police say an 84-year-old man was pelted with a box of Moon Pies while leaving a dollar store. Apparently, those marshmallow snack cakes can hurt. (Link deleted)

May 27: Police Nab Beef Jerky Thief

A Florida man was caught allegedly trying to hide 23 packs of Slim Jim beef jerky and "hot sausages" in his pants after punching a man at a gas station.

May 25: Mom Thwarts Bike Thief

A Seattle mom who'd been carjacked and kidnapped 13 years ago jumped into her car when two teens allegedly tried to take her bike. "He was laughing at me," the woman said said. "But I floored it and literally cut him off a few feet from his face. He stopped laughing then and jumped off the bike."

May 24: Truffles Stick-Up

Two man walked into Betsy Ann Chocolates in Pittsburgh, said they had guns, and walked out with $125 from the register and a $40 box of chocolate truffles. (Story Deleted)

May 23: Dominos Delivers Arrest

Pennsylvania police posed as Domino's pizza delivery men to nab what they describe as would-be robbers, including four 15-year-old boys and a 14-year-old boy.

May 22: Wild Boars Help German Police

An 18-year-old led German police on a high-speed chase after stealing an SUV. He drove into an open field, abandoned the vehicle, and nearly got away. But officers say he was soon calling for help, after crossing through a field of wild boars keen on protecting their young.

May 21: Forgotten Woman Released

An Arkansas woman, arrested for selling pirated recordings, was forgotten in a courthouse holding cell for four days without food or water. Authorities are now saying that charges against her will be dropped.

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