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The Week in Weird Crime for Nov. 30


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Drunken Baby-Walking
Brooke Herring Mug Shot

Brooke Herring Mug Shot 2012

Isle of Wight County sheriff's office
It's not easy being a new mom - so many rules! So much common sense! And that kid never takes any time off.

Just ask Brooke Herrin, a 23-year-old new mother who was arrested in Virginia for drunken baby-walking.

Police say she was seen stumbling along a travel lane of Walters Highway in Isle of Wight county pushing a stroller with her 7-month-baby, according to police.

Police say Herrin was so drunk she could barely walk at all.

Police also say the baby was cold and gurned the child over to social services, who later gave the baby to Herrin's relatives

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