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Hollywood Offbeat

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Take a walk on the strange side of celebrity. About.com's Buck Wolf serves up a skewed view of show business, celebrity, and the latest in movies, TV, and celebrity.

Olivia Munn Gets Naked

Getty Images
Getty Images
Olivia Munn has shown she can turn heads with what she wears -- but it's what she's not wearing that's getting all the attention these days. See her take it all off here... and find out why she did it.

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos: Where They Are & What They Mean

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos
Getty Images

Angelina Jolie is known for a lot of thing: Movies, human rights, Brad Pitt... and body art. See all her tattoos and find out what they mean here.

Lady Gaga Brings Nearly Nude Bra and Panty Act to Yankee Stadium

Lady Gaga's Nearly Nude Yankees 'Show'
Getty Images

After giving Mets fans the finger at a Citi Field game, Lady Gaga showed up in the Bronx and gave Yankees fans a different kind of salute. See her nearly-nude Yankee Stadium "show" here.

Lady Gaga Gives Fans the Finger at a Mets Game

Lady Gaga Gives Fans the Finger at a Mets Game
Getty Images

Poor Lady Gaga... a Yankees fan forced to sit among all those insufferable Mets fans at a recent ballgame at Citi Field.

You, Too, Can Be Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Masks
Getty Images

Want to see something scary? Tiger Woods masks have hit the market, even before the world famous golfter has left the clinic where he's being treated for a sexual addiction.

'Fight Club' DVD Seems Like 'Never Been Kissed'

Fight Club DVD
20th Century Fox
First rule of the new 'Fight Club' DVD: You might not feel like you're watching the right movie. 20th Century Fox packed it with a hilarious prank.

Levi Johnston: On Being a Gay Icon

Levi Johnston
Getty Images
The ex-boyfriend of Sarah Palin's daughter is ready to pose naked in Playgirl. "If I'm a gay icon, so be it," he says. "I guess it's a compliment."

Meat Loaf Impostor Denied Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Eric Brown Mug Shot
Police Mug Shot
Police say a drunk man dressed as a vampire who tried to seize control of a moving taxi claimed to be the singer Meat Loaf. For the record, no... he's not Meat Loaf.

Michael Jackson's Bones, Other Celeb Skeletons Pulled From Park

Michael Jackson, Weird News, Neverland Ranch
US Army/Getty Images
What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a series of skeletal exhibits depicting dead celebrities? The display at the Kings Island amusement park in Ohio was shut down before it ever formally opened after the park received complaints. The phony bones featured a skeleton in a Thriller-era Michael Jackson costume, a "Sonny Bono" skeleton wrapped around a tree, and a skeleton stuffed in a freezer -- depicting Ted Williams.

John Was Right: Beatles Top Jesus (Sort Of)

The Beatles
Getty Images
It's taken four decades, but Google says John Lennon was right: The Beatles really are bigger than Jesus -- at least when it comes to search terms. Christians protesters and burned the band's records when Lennon made the controversial pronouncement in 1966. But today, Google says all the attention on the new video game and remastered CDs has pushed the word "Beatles" past "Jesus" in search terms over the last four weeks, according to London's Telegraph newspaper.
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