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Celebrity Mash-Up: Weird Celebrity News

For all the glitz and glamor, the lives of some celebrities are downright peculiar. Keep up with the latest in Holly-weird.

Cheats, Sneaks and Bad Math: Celebrity Tax Problems
Money can buy lots of things -- but it can't get you off the hook with Uncle Sam. Celebrities often find out the hard way at tax time -- and you can see the top stars with tax troubles right here.

Lady Gaga: Kinky, Sexy, Meaty -- And Always Outrageous
Lady Gaga is always fun... and always outrageous. See her strangest outfits and her most outrageous moments, from her meat dress to the time she gave the finger at a Mets game, right here.

My Night in Temple With Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson went to Temple to experience Jewish services at the Carlebach Shul in 1999, accompanied by "Kosher Sex" Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller. Buck Wolf, who accompanied Jackson, reports.

Hollywood Offbeat
Take a walk on the strange side of celebrity. About.com's Buck Wolf serves up a skewed view of show business, celebrity, and the latest in movies, TV, and celebrity.

Comedy Club Owner: Jackson Should Pay Fine for N-Word
After Michael Richards stunned nightclub audiences by shouting the N-word at black people in the audience, the Laugh Factory imposed a $50 fine on any comic who uses the racial epithet on stage. Now, Jamie Masada, the club owner, says Jesse Jackson should face the same penalty.

Batman Busted for Verbally Assaulting Mom
It seems like the Dark Knight just got a whole lot darker, as Christian Bale's mother and sister turn to the police after an altercation with him.

Truman Show Delusion
Is your life secretly being filmed for a reality TV show? Two psychiatrists say a growing number of people fear that a camera is trailing them, all for the benefit of voyeuristic TV viewers.

Supreme Court Quotes Dylan Wrong
You might not think of Chief Justice John Roberts as a Bob Dylan fan, but in a recent Supreme Court decision, he quotes Mr. Tambourine man. Unfortunately, the judge didn’t check his sources.

Cover Your Eyes! Verne Troyer's Got a Sex Tape!
Oh, no! Is Mini-Me's Mini-Me now on public display?

R.I.P. George Carlin
The seven words you should never have to say anywhere, at any time, ever: George Carlin has died of heart failure.

Tom Cruise Buys Bombproof Cars
Our troops in Iraq might not have enough armored vehicles -- but Tom Cruise does. Lions for Lambs and Eyes Wide Shut.

Sex and the City's Kinky Legacy
As this year's most anticipated chick flick hits theaters, lets look back at prosthetic nipples, female ejaculation, and other strange, kinky subject matter that put Sex and the City on the map.

Britney's $61 Million Stupidity Bill
When Britney Spears shaved her head and turned her run-of-the-mill Hollywood eccentricity into free-freaking hyperdrive, we knew she'd pay a price, the only question was how much. Now, we know.

Drunken Darth Vader Punished for Jedi Attack
Life indeed imitates art, especially when Star Wars geeks start boozing.

All You Need Is Shrubs: Beatles Topiary
Forget frolicking in an octopus's garden! The Beatles are now immortalized in life-sized topiary -- shrubs in their image.

Top Ten Weirdest Rock Deaths
Was it Randy Rhoads crashing a plane into Ozzy Osbourne's tour bus? Johnny Ace smacking into a tree? Or Sonny Bono smacking into a tree? So many to choose from, so crass to dwell upon it.

Celebrity Stupidity: Weird Celebrity News
Keep up with Britney, Paris and the other glittering Einsteins of Hollwood in their most bizarre moments.

Celebrity Mug Shots
A picture is worth a thousand words. But when a police officer is taking a mug shot of someone famous, that figure expands exponentially.

Backstage: The Smoking Gun
Just how pampered have stars become? Take a look at The Smoking Gun's archive of backstage riders, showing just what demands Frank Sinatra, Mary J. Blige and dozens of others make when they go out on tour. See who needs their pistachio nuts peeled by an assistant.

Top Ten Rock Myths
Elvis Presley is alive and well and pumping gas at a Chevron in Newark . . . at least according to the ghost of Jim Morrison.

Showbiz Data
A fast-and-dirty look at the fringe of celebrity, hot of the national news wires and ripped from the pages of show business publications.

Weird Celebrity Facts
Did you know that Johnny Depp furnished his living room with an electric chair? How about that the Olsen twins wore false teeth when they were on <I>Full House</I>.

Engaget: Patents of the Stars
Eddie Van Halen is not just a musical innovator, he's a musical instrument inventor. Jamie Lee Curtis has patented garments for children. And George Lucas designed a demonic Yoda doll.

Is Tom Jones Insuring His Chest Hairs?
When your Tom Jones, it's not unusual for anything to be true.

Celebrity Dog Walker
Forget about what Paris Hilton is wearing. Some people want daily updates on what she's walking.

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos: Where They Are & What They Mean
Angelina Jolie is a gal who loves her tats. Get an up close and personal look at her tattoos and body art, past and present, and find out what each one means in this special photo feature.

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