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Buck's Favorite Weird News Blogs

Here's a rundown of my favorite weird news blogs, from the ones that I check over and over and over again (yes, Fark, Obscure Store, and Chuck Shepherd, that means you), to others also worth a look.
  1. Must-Read Weird News Blogs (5)
  2. Definitely Worth Following (9)
  3. Urban Legends/Paranormal (4)
  4. Just for Laughs (6)
  5. Weird Sports Blogs (3)
  6. Weird Celebrity Blogs (3)

David Emery on Urban Legends
About.com's urban legends scholar David Emery takes on Internet hoaxes and flimflam with a style more biting that the alligators that apparently aren't running wild in New York City sewers.

Weird Universe
Chuck Shepherd -- the man who copyrighted the term "News of the Weird" -- is the comic master of droll weird news reporting. He works this blog with Alex Boese, curator of the Internet's Museum of Hoaxes, and science fiction writer Paul Di Filippo.

Drew Curtis' FARK.com
No blog gets weird news faster, and few can beat Drew Curtis at crafting a snappy headline.

The Obscure Store and Reading Room
Jim Romenesko, one of today's most esteemed media bloggers, takes a daily look at normal people doing strange things.

Reuters Oddly Enough
Reuters has the worldwide reach to capture weird news in a way no other news organization can. The Oddly Enough blog is a twisted take on the wire's most gab-worthy items.

FlashNews -- and that's Wireless Flash for those of you born after the Beatles broke up -- is one of the best pop culture sources for media professionals. Just about every late night comedy show are among the subscribers.

Mental Floss
Great riffs on pop culture, art, science, history and "Everything you need to feel smart again."

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