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Strange Things Found on eBay

Unusual Internet Auctions


About five years ago, my buddy Mark Hartzman wrote a hilarious book on 101 odd things he found on eBay, including old shoes, a purse made from an animal's scrotum, and a cheese doodle shaped like a particular part of a man's anatomy. Today, eBay is more corporate (and so is Mark, now that I think about it) but they're both still as eccentric as ever.

Want Scarlett Johansson's Snot? It's for Sale

While many thought she was just joking with Jay Leno, Scarlett Johansson put a dirty tissue on eBay, and the bidding immediately drove the snotty item to more than $2,000.

Evidence of Adultery Up for Grabs

An Australian woman is taking revenge on her cheating husband, selling what she describes as a "size small" condom and woman's underwear, which she describes as "tart's knickers." The undies are so huge, she says, "I thought they may make someone a nice shawl or, even better, something for Halloween perhaps."

English 'Lord' Sells Title (and Assets) on eBay

Want to be the Lord of the Manor of Warleigh? Eccentric British millionaire David Piper bought his title in an estate sale, and he just might give it up on eBay.

Seattle Sells Problem-Plagued Public Toilets

Several years ago, Seattle introduced multimillion-dollar self-cleaning public toilets. Such toilets were a success in Europe. But city officials say they became a haven for drug users and prostitutes. Now, they're up for auction. Opening bid: $89,000.

How Much Would You Pay to be a Bridesmaid?

You couldn't pay some women to be a bridesmaid. But Kelly Gray thinks someone might bid to be in her wedding. "As weird as it sounds, I just think somebody might be interested," she tells the Virginian-Pilot. "Somebody who's never been in a wedding and always wanted to, or somebody who does weddings and wants to help out."

Venetians for Sale (Not Window Treatments, People)

A group of 22 Italians from Venice are putting themselves up for auction on the Internet to raise attention to the high cost of living in the historic city. They say developers are putting up hotels, driving up prices for locals, while the population is plummeting.

Illinois Corn Flake Destined for Road Show

Jon Wolf, the Texas man who obtained a now-famous Illinois-shaped corn flake on eBay, says he will add it to his traveling road show, which includes Ron Howard's "Happy Days" jacket and Marilyn Monroe's 1962 date-book.

Hair Sold As Geo. Washington's Nets $17K

Four strands reportedly clipped from George Washington sold for $17,000, even though there's some doubt that it's the first president's real hair. The hair is believed to have been snipped from Washington when he was briefly disinterred in 1837.
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