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Strange Signs of God

Deities Turn Up in the Darnedest Places


The truth is where you find it. And if you've found the the image of Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich (an item that fetched $28,000 on eBay) or a beehive shaped like Buddha, just remember, you're not alone.

Cheesus: The Cheeto Jesus

He's orange, two inches tall, found in a bag of cheese puffs, and garnering international attention.

Hot Off the Griddle

Diners are flocking to Las Palmas restaurant, not for the food, but for a grease stain on the griddle said to resemble Our Lady of Guadalupe. After the cook noticed the peculiar image, the cooking device has been taken out of service and enshrined in a storage room.

Beyond Be-Leaf

Mimi DiMauro of Pittsburgh is hoping to combat all the negative in the media with something her daughter found -- a maple leaf with the face of Jesus (or perhaps John Lennon or Bob Marley).

Miracle on Trailer Park Ice

Residents of the Northgate Mobile Home Park say they've found an image of the Virgin Mary in ice, at the base of the hitch of one of the trailers there. They say she can be seen with her head tilted down, hands clasped in prayer at her chest. "It’s a blessing," says one resident. "It could just be a sign from the Father above."

Virgin Mary Turns Up on MRI

Virgin Mary Apears on an MRI
Call it the immaculate radiological image. Pamela Latrimore, a 42-year-old woman from Florida, plans to sell an MRI scan of her brain in which the image of the Virgin Marry is said to appear. Latrimore does not have insurance, so a big payoff would indeed be a miracle. She is suffering from cancer, among other ailments. Update (12/17/08): Virgin Mary MRI Sells for $730

Face of Jesus Electric Guitar

Forget Clapton, Hendrix and all those pseudo guitar gods. The face of Jesus is turning up on this Les Paul Eleca. And, yes, it is for sale on eBay. Opening bid: $200.

Bee-lieve It, or Not

Gordon Donovan
Wasps in Rochester, Minn., nested at a local Buddhist temple, and the shape of their hive resembles the one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment -- the compassionate Buddha. Of course, my colleague Barbara O'Brien, says "with a carrot for a nose, it might look more like Frosty the Snowman."

Jesus Part of Florida Man's Breakfast

Troy Eckonen of Pompano Beach, Fla. was eating breakfast at Mack's Cafe when God sent him a sign, in the form of French Toast. Eckonen, a bodybuilder and gym owner, says he plans to sell the toast, hoping the image on the bread will help "renew the hope and faith" of the buyer and those who see it.

Grape News! Vergin Mary Appears on Produce

Becky Ginn of Texas was about to throw out some rotten grapes. And then, she was looking right in the eye of the spitting image of the mother of Jesus.
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