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Senior Moments

When Strange Things Happen to Older Folks


If you're feeling bad about getting old, don't despair. As my father says, "Think of the alternatives. Here's some strange news involving senior citizens, and those instances we politely call, "Senior Moments."

Elvis as an Old Geezer

Elvia Presley sighting.
© Gordon Donovan
What would Elvis lived if he reached his 75th birthday? Given how he looked in his last years, and how quickly he was going to pot, that's a scary thought. Still, Elvis was just one of the greatest stars who ever lived, so enjoy this artist rendering by the great Gordon Donovan.

Don't Eat Your Ears

An Idaho woman mistook her hearing aid for a Milk Dud. Fortunately, she figured it out before she swallowed it. The device needed $200 in repairs, but at least she didn't have to fish it from the toilet, according to the Spokesman-Review.

No Way to See the Grandkids

A 51-year-old grandmother who has been barred from seeing her grandchildren without permission is accused of calling in a bomb threat at their elementary school.

Granny's Got a Gun

Judy Davis Mug Shot
Fulton (Missouri) Police Department
A Missouri woman angry that a plane flew too close to her house went to the airport with a gun and said she was going to shoot it down. Then, police say 69-year-old Judy Davis walked out onto the runway and opened fire -- forcing a plane to abort its landing, according to the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Nice to Bump Into You, Officer

Quinn Judith Fenton Mug Shot 2009
Collier County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office
At 68 years old, Quinn Judith Fenton probably doesn't get asked for ID at the bar anymore. Maybe that's why police say she slammed into a cop car, causing it to hit another vehicle, and had a blood-alcohol level of twice the legal limit.

61st Arrest for 86-Year-Old Woman

Ella Orca 2009 Mug Shot
Cook County (Ill.) Sheriff's office
After more than five dozen bookings, Ella Orka might want to think about a new vocation. Her latest arrest comes for allegedly swiping anti-wrinkle cream.

'Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women'

Henry Allingham, the world's oldest living man, says he reached the ripe old age of 113 thanks to a lot of things other people tell you to avoid.

$40,000 Bodysuit

Isobel Varley
Photo © ALI BURAFI/Getty Images
Isobel Varley, otherwise known as the world's most tattooed senior woman, has been radically modifying her body since 1986, and she's redecorated parts of her body that we at About.com are way to modest to show you.

Sex at a Wal-Mart's Parking Lot

William Walter Stephens and Asia Marie Howard 2009 Mug Shot Photo
Gastonia County (N.C.) Sheriff's Office
An 83-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman are accused "crimes against nature" for having sex in a Buick parked outside of a North Carolina Wal-Mart.

5 Days in a Tub

An 82-year-old Utah say he tripped and got trapped in his bathtub, and was only found after neighbors noted that he hadn't been walking his dog.
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