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Potty Issues: Weird Bathroom Tales

News From Public Toilets Around the World


Like a vacation in Vegas, what goes on in a public toilet usually stays there . . . but not always.

Elevator Urinator

A New Jersey man was arrested and accused of repeated urination attacks on the elevators of a New Jersey medical complex. The owners began to notice the foul pattern in June, and had cameras installed to catch the culprit. Antonio Vega, 51, was not only arrested -- he was handed a $2,000 cleaning bill, according to NJ.com.

Giant Inflatable Poop

Complex Shit
Paul McCarthy
This installation wasn't left behind by some giant inflatable dog, either. It's the art of Paul McCarthy.

Boy Scout Forced to Drink Urine

Joseph Wendell Reid 2009 Booking Photo
Putnam County (Fla.) Jail
This is not something for which you'll get a badge: A 21-year-old volunteer scout leader and three other boy scouts have been accused of forcing a 12-year-old to drink their urine, supposedly because he made a racist remark.

Urinating Vandals

Danish police are hunting for three naked vandals who urinated on chocolate display at a gas station before speeding off in a Mercedes. Security videotape of the incident has become the hottest item on Copenhagen TV.

Defecation in the Yard

Anthony Smith Police Photo
Pinellas County (Fla.) Sheriff's Dept.
Anthony Smith is accused of taking a feud between neighbors to a new level. Florida police say the 29-year-old entered his neighbor's yard in the nude, yelling, cursing and punching two men who were there, before defecating.

Woman Falls Off Wolfgang Puck's Toilet and Sues

Spago Logo
Spago Logo
A woman is now suing Wolfgang Puck's Spago restaurant, claiming she fell off a ladies room commode while trying to balance on the potty and keep the door closed.

No Wash Underwear

No-Wash Underwear
© Rob Libfeld
Not ready to strap on adult diapers? Here's one alternative -- No-Wash Underwear. Rob Libfeld, a medical student at the University of Massachusetts, invented these durable boxers, after noting how embarrassed patients get during long hospital stays when their skivvies turn spunky.

Airline to Consider Pay Toilets

One more reason to keep your seat belt fastened: Ryanair -- Europe's largest budget carrier -- says it is considering charging travelers to use the lavatory.

'Waiter, There's a Fly in My Soup'

Modern Toilet
Global Post
Global Post reports on Taiwan's bizarre themed restaurants, including Modern Toilet, an eatery where the chairs are replaced by potties, and the most popular dishes are chocolate ice cream or curry chicken that "looks like poo-poo" one patron says. Better yet, these delights are served in a mini-toilet.

Urine Luck (If You Want to Drink Urine)

Thirsty for a nice cold glass of cow urine? Thanks to one beverage company, you're in luck.
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