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Weird Names and Name Changes

Why Not Just Call Yourself an Idiot?


Not All Lesbians Are Lesbians

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People from the Greek Island of Lesbos are known as Lesbians and they want the world to know they're not a bunch of gay woman (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Welcome to Lunt (Yes, We've Heard the Jokes)

The residents of the British town of Lunt have long been plagued by rebels wh repeatedly alter the town's name, which dates back to Medieval times, changing the "L" to a "C". Now, they're considering changing the name of the place to Launt.

Pro-Lifer Changes Name To 'Pro-Life'

The man previously known as "Marvin Pro-Life Richardson" was denied his middle name when he ran unsuccessfully for governor of Idaho in 2006 because the state's policy bars the use of slogans on the ballot. Well, he's relaunching his political career, and now he's officially known as "Pro Life" and just "Pro Life."

Pardon Me . . . Your Olympics Needs a Diaper Change

Many parents dream of their children playing in the Olympics, but now Chinese parents are raising children to be "Olympics."
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