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Weird Lost and Found - Unusual Items Recovered

Look What We Found!


Time to rummage through America's lost-and-found bins to find some of the most unusual items that turn up missing.

Found: Mastodon Tusk

Mastadon Tusk Found
Wikipedia Commons
A California plumber found prehistoric bones in the muck at the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District -- and he could soon be wrangling gold piping if he gets to auction off his discovery.

Found: $70,000 7-Carat Diamond Ring

Picture of a hotel toilet.
Buck Wolf
A Phoenix plumber has found what is now being hailed as "The Diamond in the Roughage," an uber-expensive ring flushed down the toilet at a local diner. And he did it all for a $400 tip.

Found: Human-Sized Heart

A human-sized heart -- not necessarily a human heart -- turned up at Soapy's Car Wash in Paw Paw, Mich. Police took the organ to a veterinarian, who was unable to determine the species of whoever might be the rightful owner.

Lost: Beer Goggles

Police in Buffalo Grove have a special pair of glasses that simulate the effects of intoxication by blurring a person's vision. They're called "beer goggles" and they were useful in public demonstrations. Unfortunately, someone walked off with these special, $150 specs.

Found: Giant Python in Washing Machine

We can only assume how loud Mara Ranger of Gorham, Maine, screamed when she opened the lid of her washer and found an 8-foot python. Animal control experts are guessing that the snake may have entered through water pipes. The reptile was brought to its new home -- Animal Kingdom in York.

Found: Five Severed Feet

A left foot, still wearing a show, has washed ashore on a small uninhabited island south of Vancouver in the Strait of Georgia. It's the fifth such severed foot to be discovered in the region over the last year.

Found: Wedding Rings in Disney World Trash

Walt Disney World worked its magic on a Massachusetts couple who accidentally threw away three platinum and diamond wedding rings while visiting the resort. Joining in as volunteers, park employees at Wilderness Lodge wadded through reams of trash, combing through bag after bag. And like many Disney stories, this one ends with a "happily ever after."

Found: Fetus in Airplane

Authorities say they found a fetus in the restroom of a Continental Airlines that landed in Houston.

Lost: Aquarium Crocodile

Getty Images
A thief walked unnoticed out of a Norwegian aquarium carrying a crocodile. "I think whoever did this knew what they were doing," an official told Reuters. The aquarium is offering a $5,000 reward for any tip that leads them to the wayward reptile.

Found: N.Y. Preacher in Strip Club

A 46-year-old pastor from western New York who had been reported missing in late march has been found at an Ohio strip club. He left his home March 26, telling his wife he was getting his computer fixed at Best Buy.
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