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Sexy Furniture: Gunter Sachs Collection Hit the Auction Block


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World's Sexiest Table for Sale
Preview Of The Gunter Sachs Collection At Sothebys
Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images
Want some light S&M with your coffee and magazines? Then try this table from sculptor Allen Jones.

The table, called "Table," was part of the collection of Gunter Sachs, dubbed the "Last Playboy" by Sotheby's as it prepares to auction off all his stuff this stuff -- including works by his friend, artist Andy Warhol.

Sachs, a German author, photographer and astrologer, killed himself last year at the age of 78, rather than battle dementia.

But let's get back to the sexy table. If you want to place a bid, expect to pay big -- because Sotheby's expects the sexy table to fetch 40,000 British pounds. That's close to $65,000.

More importantly, can you put your feet up on a $65,000 coffee table?

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