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Homo Heroes: Could The Gay Avengers Be the Next to the Big Screen?


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Homo Heroes: Thor
Gay Thor

Gay Thor

Joe Phillips
Thor... the God of Thunder... His might hammer...

Those practically sound like double entendres already.

What if the muscular blonde hero had a double something else as well -- as in a double life?

Thor already has Harlequin cover looks -- and he lives in a world dominated by big, muscular Nordic men.

So, maybe this one isn't too much of a stretch, which makes me wonder: Is gay marriage legal in Asgard?

"We are so used to seeing women as sexual beings, but we don't want to see men doing the same thing. Men are supposed to be stoic and distant," Phillips told David Moye of the Huffington Post. "I wanted these works to show off these heroes' strength, but also their cockiness and competitiveness."

Cockiness... now there's a double entendre for you.

These Avengers aren't the only superheroes that have been given a gay makeover. Phillips has used his substantial talents to create an entire collection of Queer Heroes, including icons such as Spider-Man, Batmand the X-Men -- and you see them all in my special collection, "Beefcake Heroes: Comic Book Icons Go Gay."

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