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One man's trash is another man's treasure. But if you're really pulling coffee grinds and eggshells out of a Dumpster and putting it on your mantel, you could be a curator of weird art news. Here are links that prove the old saying, "There's no accounting for taste."
  1. Odd Museums (7)

Ripley's Dare to Look 2014

Ward Hall: King of the Sideshow

World's Smallest Art Collection

Sexy Furniture: Gunter Sachs Collection Hit the Auction Block

Homo Heroes: Could The Gay Avengers Be the Next to the Big Screen?

Broken Heroes: When Childhood Characters Meet Tragic Fates
What happens when Ernie from "Sesame Street" falls on hard times? See the tragic results here.

Broken Heroes: Comic Heroes Get Tragic New Endings

Krampus is Coming: Santa's Little-Known Companion
Everyone knows the story of Santa. But how about Krampus? Meet his little-know and less-friendly companion.

Tattoo Girls Rule: Meet the Women of Ink
What's hotter that a woman with a tattoo? A chick with a whole bunch of them. See women with more ink than you's ever think in my special gallery, Tattoo Girls Rule.

Beefcake Heroes: Comic Book Icons Go Gay
One comic book artist thinks there's something very gay about superheroes -- and he's bringing them out of the closet, whether they're ready or not. See the stunning images here.

Surreal Chinese Photographer Takes the Art World by Storm
A Chinese photographer is taking the art world by storm with his complex images of bizarre airborne stunts. See them here.

The Twisted Magic of Albert Cadabra
Ever see a man escape from chains, hammer a nail into his head, survive electrocution and then eat razor blades? No? Then come see Albert Cadabra.

Going Buggy: Creepy Crawlies Sand Sculpting Exhibition in Australia
Sand sculptors from around the world are going buggy at a new exhibition Down Under. The Creepy Crawlies Sand Sculpting Exhibition features some of the top creators of beach art putting their own spin on insects. See the best here.

Fashion Police - A Knightly Negligee
Weird Fashion: Imagine a bra, and panties made of metal. Chime in with your best quip at Buck's Weird Fashion.

Social Media Madness
The phenomenon of Twitter, Facebook and other social media is literally changing the way we live. Here are some of the stranger stories to emerge from the monster that is social media.

Strange Signs of God
The truth is where you find it. The truth is where you find it. And if you've found the the image of Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich (an item that fetched $28,000 on eBay) or a beehive shaped like Buddha, just remember, you're not alone.

Silly Smokers: Weird News About Smoking
The war on smoking has some strange battle fronts. Here are a few.

That's Disguisting!
Grit your teeth, and get ready to be grossed out, and ask yourself, "Why do people like myself enjoy reading these sorts of stories?"

A Big Goodbye to the World's Tallest Woman
Fellini asked her to be in his films. Michael Jackson sought out her friendship. Howard Stern wanted to know about her sex life. Indeed, 7-foot-7-inch Sandy Allen had seen it all.

Coney Island Holds a Funhouse Mirror Up to Waterboarding
Hurry! Hurry! Step right up! Watch one robot gag in agony while another pours water down its throat to simulate drowning.

Strange Acts of Charity
Forget about bake sales. Today, fund-raisers are turning to all sorts of unconventional methods to raise money (and awareness) for a good cause.

Senior Moments
If you're feeling bad about getting old, don't despair. As my father says, "Think of the alternatives. Here's some strange news involving senior citizens, and those instances we politely call, "Senior Moments."

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The biggest, craziest, most diverse arts festival in the world -- the Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- kicks off in August. In 2008, 18,000 artists will perform at 247 venues in the Scottish city -- and some of the acts are so strange, the defy description.

Kids Juggle Fire (and Clown Around) at the Circus City Festival
Would you let your kids play with fire? They do in Peru, Ind., the home of the Circus City Festival, in which 250 local kids, ages 7 to 21, fly from the trapeze, walk the high wire, and, yes, juggle fiery batons.

A Look at Weird Art
One man's trash is another man's treasure, and that old adage couldn't be more appropriate as we look at the wonderful world of weird art from around the world. Some of it is surely among the most thought provoking exhibits in the world today -- and some is just downright peculiar.

Gay Women Officially Allowed to be Lesbians
If you're from Lesbos, you're definitely a lesbian, but you're not necessarily gay (not that there's anything wrong with that, as we Seinfeld fans like to say). Three residents of the Greek island of Lesbos tried to change what gay women should be called, only to find themselves derided as litigious losers.

Life's a Beach for Maker of Baby Bikinis
I love babes in bikinis as much as the next guy, maybe more, but the babes should be old enough to be potty trained. A Swedish clothing company has had to apologize for introducing a line of two-piece bathing suits for girls as young as two months old. Yuck.

Maker of Sexy Mormon Calendar Excommunicated
That squeaky-clean Mormon image just doesn’t jib with a sexy calendar of young churchmen, stripped from the waist up – and now the maker of that calendar has been cast off.

For Sale: Fake Cigarette Smell
After a ban on smoking in bars, a Dutch company now sells the essence of fake cigarettes, for people who miss that tobacco smell.

Vatican: 'Pope Doesn’t Wear Prada'
The devil may very well wear Prada, but the official Vatican newspaper assures us that the pope does not.

Drunken Darth Vader Punished for Jedi Attack
Life indeed imitates art, especially when Star Wars geeks start drinking.

Ripley's Eye-Popping Odditorium
Heavily-pierced sideshow stars swung from metal hooks, a human pincushion hammered nails into his head, and a knee-high woman -- known as "The Human Tripod" -- sang as Ripley's Believe It Or Not! opened a new museum.

Declining Standards
Why are convicted felons becoming soldiers and police officers? Why are babies getting gun permits? Are our standards hopelessly declining?

Weird Art News
Here's a look at some of the strange exhibits and happenings at museums throughout the world.

Useful Excuses to Indulge
Scientific researchers have proven that tobacco, fatty foods, hard liquor and other indulgences aren't good for us. Here's some scientific research that suggests there's good reason to eat, drink and be merry.

Photos: Coney Island Sideshow School
Looking for a new career? The Coney Island sideshow school is holding classes in fire eating, sword swallowing and broken glass walking. You can even learn how to hammer nails into your head.

3rd Grader Suspended for Sniffing Sharpie
An 8-year-old from Colorado was suspend because school officials believe he was trying to get high by sniffing the fumes of a Sharpie marker.

Tales From the Drunk Side
Friends don't let friends end up like the people in the following stories.

Body Modification: Weird Body Modification
Be honest. Isn't there part of you that you would like to change? While some men are getting breast reduction, a record amount are now getting pectoral implants.

Where There's Smoke, There's a Liar
What ever happened to integrity in smoking? Several days ago, we learned that Skip Legault, the one-legged poster boy in New York's anti-smoking campaign is, indeed, still smoking.

Fear of Clowns: No Laughing Matter
Bad news for Patch Adams: A medical study says kids hate clowns, even when they're not getting doused over the head with a bucket of confetti.

Don't Drop the Soap
Has Monopoly become a monotony? Maybe a little prison riot will make your next board game a little less boring. The son of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has developed "Don't Drop the Soap."

Only in L.A.: Marijuana Vending Machine
For marijuana users, vending machines were once only something you thought of to satisfy the munchies. Not anymore. Los Angeles has introduced a 24-hour medical marijuana vending machine for "convenient access."

Too Fat to Eat Out
A not-so-thin state representative knows he's got a fat chance of banning restaurants from serving fat people, but that's what he's calling for in a new bill.

High on Marijuana Education
California's medical marijuana industry has given rise to a new sort of higher education -- one that involves cultivating and cooking a substance that gets you high.

Nursing Home Battles Exploding Toilets
Don't Flush! The toilets are going boom at the Regency Auburn Rehabilitation Center in Washington and 72 nursing home residents are being moved.

Hey, Kids! It's Time for Doll Breast Implants
Your Barbie of yesteryear may have seemed like she achieved an idealized plastic perfection, but now girls can put their virtual doll on a crash diet and give it breast implants.

On Sale: 'Client 9' T-Shirts
It didn't take long for former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to become a walking punchline.

D'oh! 'Simpsons' Yanked for 'Baywatch Hawaii'
Chalk this up as another victory for global celebrity David Hasselhoff.

Tassels Swing at London's Best of Burlesque Contest
Thirty women decked out in ostrich feathers faced off at London's International Burlesque Festival. At this contest you'll see all sorts of revealing outfits. But there's no nudity, and no pole dancing.

A Not-So-Flaky Man, and His $1,350 Frosted Flake
An interview with Jon Wolf, the man who paid $1,350 for an Illinois-shaped Frosted Flake, and what he plans to do with his most treasured possession.

Strange Things Found on eBay
About five years ago, my buddy Mark Hartzman wrote a hilarious book on 101 odd things he found on eBay, including old shoes, a purse made from an animal's scrotum, and a cheese doodle shaped like a particular part of a man's anatomy. Today, eBay is more corporate (and so is Mark, now that I think about it) but they're both still as eccentric as...

YouTube Boobs
When you get arrested, just for the sake of producing a must-see YouTube video, perhaps your sacrificing a little too much for your art.

Big Plans for Illinois-Shaped Frosted Flake
A Frosted Flake shaped like the US state of Illinois will join Jack Ruby's hat and Marilyn Monroe's date book in a traveling exhibit.

Weird Names and Name Changes
A look at people who change their name - or give their children unusual names - either to be funny or prove a point.

Toilet Seat Art
Want to see some of the most unusual toilet seats on earth? Stagecrafters, a not-for-profit community theater in Royal Oaks, MI, created these beauties as a fundraiser.

Weird Lost and Found -- Unusual Items Recovered
Time to rummage through America's lost-and-found bins to find some of the most unusual items that turn up missing.

Potty Issues: Weird Bathroom Tales
Like a vacation in Vegas, what goes on in a public toilet usually stays there . . . but not always.

You Must Be Wasted: Weird Stories About Drugs
As the old public service announcement says, "This is your mind on drugs."

London’s West End is fed up with the number of people using their streets as a restroom, and they're just not going to take it anymore. So, they’ve inaugurated a new phone service.

Hysterical Prudishness
Is America a little too uptight? Let your hair down and take a look at how America protects itself . . . from itself.

Nurses: Kids Hate Clowns
A medical survey say kids are overwhelmingly afraid of clowns. But there's evidence that some clowns have great success bringing joy to kids in hospitals.

The Hillary Nutcracker
If ever you need your nuts cracked, here’s the Hillary Clinton solution. Stupid.com is saying this $21.99 gift item is one of its most popular holiday gifts, although sales might be contingent upon how you feel about her stand on Iraq.

Useless Online
Roadkill from the information highway: Kenya McCullum offers up random thoughts on art, politics and culture.

Occupy Atlantis: World Landmarks Occupied by Sea Creatures
An artist has taken world landmarks and placed them underwater -- for occupation by aquatic life. See the Statue of Liberty kneeling to sea creatures.

Stuff You Never Knew About Chipotle Restaurants
Why the decorations in Chipotle are kinda cheap.

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