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Weird Bird News

Strange Flights of Fancy


Three cheers for our fine feathered friends! Here's a look at strange news stories involving parrots, chickens and other flapping creatures.

Stolen Penguin Recovered

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A penguin was rescued after being stolen from an Australian water park by men who also allegedly tried to swim with a dolphin when the park was closed.

Hurray for the Gay Penguin Wedding

Who says China isn't a bastion for Civil Liberties? At least their gay penguins can marry.

200 Birds in a Bag

Brazilian airport authorities stopped a man attempting to smuggle 200 canaries in a bag, 65 of which were dead.

British Zoo Blushes at Cursing Parrot

Max, a five-year-old African Grey, mimics car alarms and cell phone rings, but local school children have given him s playground vocabulary that has zoo keeper Peter Hansom confounded. "Sometimes he will just say 'hello' or 'bye', but as often as not it's 'f*** off'."

King Penguins Receive Norwegian Knighthood

Luckily, the penguins had formal attire.

Duck Rescues Trapped Ducklings

Six mallard ducklings fell into a storm drain in Gosforth, Newcastle. The mother duck couldn’t fit through the grate, so she walked along the path of the sewer pipe, following the sounds of duckling cries -- and rescued her babies.

Bird Brains Use Crosswalk

A family of swans has become quite the stars in Perranporth, England, where motorists and pedestrians report seeing them use the crosswalk as they make their way to and from a local lake.

New Beak for Battered Bald Eagle

Cosmetic surgery is not just for humans. A bald eagle shot three years ago by a poacher has received a much needed beak job.

Polly Want a GPS?

Yosuke - a parrot in Japan - flew out of his cage. Luckily, he'd learned to recite his address and told a veterinarian where he lived.

Researchers Observe Seal-Penguin Sex

Scientists have caught on tape an Antarctic fur seal trying to have sex with a king penguin -- and it wasn't consensual.

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