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Weird Dog Stories

Strange and Wonderful Canine News


Here's a look at dogs (and dog owners) making headlines across the world.

Town Goes to the Dog: This Mayor is a Real Bitch

Dog Mayor Lucy Lou
Reader's Digest

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, has gone to the dogs -- electing border collie Lucy Lou as its mayor.

Stop Your Doggy From Doin' It

Dog Chastity Belt
PABS for Pets

Forget spaying an neutering... a Louisiana dog breeder has invented a strap-on canine chastity belt.

Doggie Downer

Jacques Chirac, the former president of France, had to give away his dog after it attacked him for a third time. The former president's wife, Bernadette Chirac, said Sumo was depressed after having to leave Elysee Palace for their post-presidential apartment, according to the Telegraph. Or maybe the dog just didn't like politics.

Dog Gets Parking Ticket

A woman who tied a dog to a fence while she went into a shop came out and found a ticket on the dog’s leash, according to the Courier-Mail.

Boxer Mix Wins Ugliest Dog Contest

Pabst, a boxer mix with a hilarious under-bite, wins the 21st Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest
Photo © Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Pabst, a boxer mix from California, won dubious honors at Sonoma County's World Ugliest Dog contest, and, believe it or not, his owner is proud.

Oral Sex With a Labrador

Bradley Brainard 2009 Police Booking Photo
San Luis Obispo County (Calif.) Sheriff's Office
Bradley Brainard, a 49-year-old plumber from Atascadero, Calif., was under investigation for selling drugs to prison inmates when police say they found something far more disturbing -- video of him performing oral sex on his dog.

World's Tallest Dog Loses Leg

Guinness Book of Records
Guinness Book of Records
Gibson, the 7-foot Great Dane, is battling bone cancer, and he needs your help.

Dog Sex Video

Caroline Willette 2009 Mug Shot Photo
Courtesy of Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
Caroline Willette allegedly admitted to videotaping herself having sex with two dogs and possessing child porn. The 53-year-old Floridian will face a slew of charges, but bestiality won't be one of them.

Hamster-Sized Pup

Tom Thumb, World's Smallest Dog
Getty Images
At six inches long, Tom Thumb is no longer than a hamster. But this chihuahua-Jack Russell mix is just a hair away from setting the record as the smallest pup on the planet. The folks at Guinness World Records will soon let us know.


Michael Shoemaker Mug Shot
Frederick County Sheriff's Office
Maryland police arrested a father, son, and grandfather in a family fight that erupted over a stolen dog. In the fracas, Michael Shoemaker, 42, threatened to burn down a house. A younger family member faces charges for breaking into the home, and 66-year-old Robert Shoemaker was said to be uncooperative and charged with disorderly conduct.
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