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Ripley's World of Bizarre Animals


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Who Needs Nine Lives When You Have 24 Toes?
Hope the 24-Toed Cat

Hope the 24-Toed Cat

Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Most cats have nine lives.

Hope has a whole lot more than that -- this little kitty has 24 toes, six on each paw.

Must make doing the Stray Cat Strut a little extra tricky.

Hope isn't the only feline star of Ripley's Strikingly True. The book is a virtual cat house of animal tales -- like the cat that liked to sleep on top of the toaster oven -- until it managed to turn it on and set the house on fire one day.

The cat escaped, of course, using one of its nine lives.

And then there's the tail -- err... tale -- of Suki, a Burmese cat that managed to get mixed up with the laundry in Australia.

The cat emerged clean, healthy and probably a little dizzy -- and no doubt having also using a life.

Finally, there's little Luntik -- a cat from Russia who has an extra set of ears. Don't expect super powers, though -- vets say the second set of ears don't have any ear canals, so the cat probably has normal feline hearing.

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