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Whether it's a hero cat that dials 9-1-1 or dog that dines on caviar, weird animal news is a tail-waggin' good time. Here's a rundown of the latest strange and bizarre stories from the animal kingdom.
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Dumbo Dog: Meet the Pooch With the World's Longest Ears
Think Dumbo had long ears? Wait 'til you see the pair on this pooch.

Ripley's World of Bizarre Animals
See some of the strangest creatures ever photographed.

GPS Lingerie: A High Tech Chastity Belt
Feminists are wringing their hands as a Brazilian company unveils lingerie equipped with satellite tracking abilities. It's the perfect gift for the wife that's probably cheating on you (and perhaps for good reason, if this is your idea of a good gift).

Food Prices Too High? Eat a Rat!
An official from India's northeast state of Bihar is not joking when he says eating rat meat would reduce skyrocketing food prices.

Weird Insect News
Are the killer bees still coming? Here's the latest on weird insect news.

Quack if You Love a Duck Fashion Show
Dressing up aquatic fowl -- an event known as the Pied Piper Duck Show - is one of the highlights of Australia's Sydney Royal Easter Show, where the birds decked out in fancy hats and fine couture strut the catwalks.

Of Mice and Men
Rats are among the most reviled animals, but perhaps they're the most misunderstood, too.

Weird Bird News
Three cheers for our fine feathered friends! Here's a look at strange news stories involving parrots , chickens and other flapping creatures.

Pet Costumes: The Weirdest Halloween Animals of 2011
See a pair of pooches dressed as "Toddlers in Tiaras" as part of this year's Weird Halloween Pet Costume Contest.

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