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Guinness World Records 2013: Animals


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Trouble, the World's Tallest Cat

World's Tallest Cat

James Ellerker/Guinness World Records 2013 Edition
If Savannah Islands Trouble, or just Trouble for short, was 19 inches tall -- or 48.3 centimeters. That made Trouble the tallest cat ever.

Trouble passed away in August, but not before leaving his mark -- and not just in the litter box. After being measured at the Silver Cats Cat Show, Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada in 2011, Savannah Islands Trouble was named the tallest cat ever by Guinness World Records.

Trouble was owned -- as much as a cat could ever be owned, anyway -- by Debby Maraspini.

"Trouble was an imposing and majestic cat, he became the Guinness World Record holder for World's Tallest Domestic Cat in 2011, a record which still stands today," reads a statement on Trouble's Web site. "Yet he was also much more... Trouble was a fabulous ambassador to the new Savannah cat breed and he was a beloved member of the Maraspini family."

The site also mentions that while Savannah cats are generally tall, they generally don't come close to Trouble's amazing record-setting height.

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