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Weird Mug Shots -- Police Photos of Weird Crime - Weird News
About.com's Buck Wolf brings you the strangest, most outrageous Funny looking mug shots ... Ian Wood Mug Shot - Collier County (Florida) Sheriff's Department.
Weird and Interesting Florida Facts - Florida Travel - About.com
Did you know that Gatorade was developed in Florida? Find more fun and weird Florida facts here.
10 Unusual Places to Stay in Florida - Florida Travel - About.com
Whether you choose to stay at a nudist resort, be slimed at the Nick Hotel or sleep underwater in the Keys, Florida offers a wide array of hotels and sleepover  ...
Dumb Florida Laws - Political Humor - About.com
In Florida it is illegal to have sexual relations with a porcupine or sing in a public place while attired in a swimsuit ... Funniest Obama Pictures of All Time - Funny.
Florida Humor - Florida Travel - About.com
Combine Florida travel and humor and what do you get? Great stories, jokes, poems, and weird facts about Florida!
Strangler Fig - South Florida's Strange Hammock Tree - Forestry
Strangler Fig - South Florida's Strange Hammock Tree: Figs are successful forest trees with some 900 separate species world-wide. Figs are extremely common ...
Wonderworks Upsidedown Building in Florida - Upside-Down ...
The upsidedown Wonderworks building is a fun-loving museum on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. The funny pictures in this gallery show weird buildings  ...
Strange Lights Over Florida - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Strange Lights Over Florida - Your True Tales - September 2009.
Florida Poems - Florida Travel - About.com
If you like poetry, you enjoy these poems about Florida. ... In Florida, Lord, you've put them all! .... 10 Weird Things You Can Buy in Airport Vending Machines.
What Are Florida Lovebugs? - Insects - About.com
If you drive through a swarm of Florida lovebugs, you'll know it. These insects are known as a nuisance along Florida roads. What are Florida lovebugs?
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