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Man in Weird Burger Scam Tries to Cook His Own Meal at Denny's
Get the full weird story here. ... Lloyd Miller Mug Shot - Orange County (Florida) Jail ... Ian Wood Mug Shot - Collier County (Florida) Sheriff's Department.
Weird and Interesting Florida Facts - Florida Travel - About.com
Did you know that Gatorade was developed in Florida? Find more fun and weird Florida facts here.
Dumb Florida Laws - Political Humor - About.com
In Florida it is illegal to have sexual relations with a porcupine or sing in a public place while attired in a ... Photos of Obama Being Awesome - Funny and Cool.
10 Unusual Places to Stay in Florida - Florida Travel - About.com
Whether you choose to stay at a nudist resort, be slimed at the Nick Hotel or sleep underwater in the Keys, Florida offers a wide array of hotels and sleepover  ...
Strange Lights Over Florida - Paranormal Phenomena - About.com
Strange Lights Over Florida - Your True Tales - September 2009.
Strangler Fig - South Florida's Strange Hammock Tree - Forestry
Strangler Fig - South Florida's Strange Hammock Tree: Figs are successful forest trees with some 900 separate species world-wide. Figs are extremely common ...
Wonderworks Upsidedown Building in Florida - Upside-Down ...
The upsidedown Wonderworks building is a fun-loving museum on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. The funny pictures in this gallery show weird buildings  ...
Florida Humor - Florida Travel - About.com
Combine Florida travel and humor and what do you get? Great stories, jokes, poems, and weird facts about Florida!
Florida Humor - Hurricane Humor - Florida Travel - About.com
Florida Humor. Hurricane Humor. Floridians manage to keep ... Florida: Plywood State ... Florida Stories & Jokes | Weird Florida Facts |. Have a favorite you'd ...
What Are Florida Lovebugs? - Insects - About.com
If you drive through a swarm of Florida lovebugs, you'll know it. These insects are known as a nuisance along Florida roads. What are Florida lovebugs?
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