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Weird Crime News - Dumb Crime Du Jour - Weird News - About.com
A man in Ontario, Canada, was so worried about missing his court date he called 911 for a wake-up call. After being warned about abusing the emergency line, ...
Weird Lawsuits - A Look at Weird Lawsuits - Weird News - About.com
When you go to a comedy show, you might expect the stand-ups to make fun of you. Nevertheless, Canadian comic Guy Earle must now go before a British ...
Internationally Weird -- Weird News From Around the World
Take a look at the wide world of weird news with reports and links to foreign media and bizarre happenings around the globe.
Strange sounds haunt Canada sky - Paranormal Phenomena
This video by a resident of British Columbia, Canada, records mysterious, trumpet-like sounds from the sky. ... Weird sounds from Canada sky. Kimberly Wookey.
10 Crazy Canadian Festivals - Canada Travel - About.com
Canadians are a pretty tame bunch but not without their fondness for the eccentric. Learn about ten crazy festivals held in Canada.
Strange Sounds from All Over the World - Paranormal Phenomena
Jan 6, 2012 ... Recordings have been made in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ukraine, Poland, ... Sounds like: Weird roaring sound that went on for more than 30 ...
UFO Strange Tracks British Columbia Canada - UFOs and Aliens
Funny & Shareable. About.com · About News & Issues · UFOs/Aliens · Current UFO Reports. UFO and Alien Tracks Seen in British Columbia, Canada. UFO and  ...
True Stories of Weird Rain Phenomena
Weird, Weird Rain. By Stephen Wagner ... Here are some documented cases of really weird precipitation .... How to Apply for a Canadian Passport · Canada ...
Free Spirit House - Funny Picture of a Free Spirit ... - Architecture
Free Spirit Houses in British Columbia, Canada float from tree branches. The funny pictures in this gallery show weird buildings around the world, including ...
Weird Skeletons in Mankind's Closet - Paranormal Phenomena
Jun 6, 2005 ... Weird Skeletons in Mankind's Closet - Paranormal Phenomena/The Unexplained ... How to Apply for a Canadian Passport · Canada News.
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