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Buck Wolf

Man-on-Dog Sex? Not Again!

By July 18, 2009

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Remember the good old days when a man who said he had "sex with a dog" was simply a misogynist with low standards?

As a husband, son, and brother to three sisters, I hardly condone speaking derisively of women. Yet, it's hard to compare harsh words with the sexual abuse of an animal. Christopher Bagwell Mug Shot

The latest case starts with a woman from West Virginia, who went to her friend's house in Farmington to drop something off, when she noticed the door open.

In the kitchen, she allegedly saw 26-year-old Christopher Bagwell forcing himself on her friend's male Australian shepherd border collie mix.

Bagwell's pants were pulled down, and the poor dog was on a chair, "making an awful sound like it was in pain," according to a police report quoted in the Charleston Daily Mail.

Police say Bagwell entered the house as a burglar, and ransacked the place. What made him turn his attentions to the dog? We may never know.

I didn't think incidents of human-canine sexual relations would occur so frequently when I first reported the case last year of Diane Sue Whalen, an Oklahoma woman who allegedly sold homemade tapes of herself having sex with dogs.

Then, in April, we had the arrest of Caroline Willette, a 53-year-old woman also charged with starring in self-produced pooch porn.

I made the point then that Willitte was not charged with bestiality because, like 15 other states, Florida does not specifically ban this hideous crime -- and that's something state lawmakers are looking to change.

Shortly after, in early May, Oregon police arrested 20-year-old Brandon Vongthongthrip on 200 counts of animal sexual assault, after he allegedly admitted to five years of sex with his pet Pit Bull Rocky.

Perhaps more disturbing was the case of Bradley Brainard, a 49-year-old plumber from Atascadero, Calif., arrested after police found video of him "on a bed, naked, wearing a woman's brassiere" while performing oral sex on a chocolate Labrador.

In what could be the understatement of the year, Brainard told the San Luis Obispo Tribune, "It's something I got into that I never should have gotten into."

Photo courtesy Marion County Sheriff's Dept.
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July 18, 2010 at 11:59 pm
(1) Kobidobidog says:

For humans having sex with another species is a natural for a tree to grow leaves. Some hum,ans do not know what size of dog is right for them and whether to use lubricant. and not to use petrolatum based lubricant.Let zoo be legal.

Humans can freely share information learned, and have teachers for this just like we have teachers for whatever else, and teach doing good to your neighbor, loving your neighbor,and praise God for doing whatever good you do, and save your soul because whoever does not will have to face God, and end up- calling for the rocks to cover you when God judges the living, and the dead. WE are not God to judge anyone. we are animals that accepted vanity willingly. Stealing is not good. God says that. Humans do because humans have not been taught the real truths of the bible,and to be loving like Jesus is. Many do not have the love of God ,and humans had better ask God for it or they are going to miss the best adventure anyone could ever miss. love your neighbor love God,and have that adventure of all adventuress.

December 16, 2010 at 9:38 pm
(2) BigMommaHostile says:

Kobidobidog, are you fucking kidding me? I mean really.. *blink* I’m too stupifyed to have an actual reaction other than that. Idiot.

December 15, 2011 at 5:05 pm
(3) TZ Wolf says:

Rape is rape…whether with a person OR with an animal. This particular selection of stories for this “article” are cherry-picked any others which do not portray the actor as a deranged sociopath. How about the one where the guy had an ELEVEN YEAR OLD beloved dog taken because he was reported by neighbors who were TRESPASSING on his land and saw him in the privacy of his home making love with his female Shepherd whom he loved. They took her away from the only home she had ever known and charged him with a FELONY!! There are people who TORTURE dogs by setting them on fire who do not receive a felony sentence!! She was euthanized because she was somehow “damaged” no even though she had been well cared for and was in beautiful condition.

Dogs CAN and DO consent to sex with humans. Those who have an issue with this fact either do not know dogs and how to read their behavior or have a religious or societal objection which in almost EVERY case are rooted in religious ideals of what constitutes morality. Nearly every dog owner has at one time had their or someone else’s dog try to mount them. Face it, dogs are sexual creatures!

We CHOOSE to share love & intimacy with them and no amount of moral judgments or laws passed will curtail that love.

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